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Facebook notifications not working? Call +1-855-777-5686 for help!

Facebook notifications are the updates about Facebook activity. You will be notified through notifications about the activities happening around your Facebook account and in case you are not getting notifications or facing issues regarding your Facebook account, Dial Facebook Tech support Toll free Phone number +1-855-777-5686 for the best of help. There are different types of notifications that exist depending on the type of platform using by you at the moment.

For Desktop and Mobile:

Email notifications: They are the notifications about Facebook updates you are receiving via Email. You cannot turn off the notifications entirely but can adjust what and how you are notified about. For adjustment of the Email notification from Facebook:

1.          Tap on that arrow facing downwards at the top-right corner of Page

2.          Select on the option of “Settings”

3.          Click at “Notifications” on the left

4.          Select “Email”

5.          You have the option there to adjust how often did you get Email notifications and what you gets the Email about

Red Alert Notifications: The notifications that are appearing above icon of Friends, messages and notifications are known to be red alert notifications. The time you will be having new notification, a red color bubble appears with the number of new notifications you received. There are separate notifications for Friend requests, messages and the rest of remaining notifications will be stored in that Globe shaped icon

To adjust the notifications you are getting:

1.          Click on the arrow facing downwards located at the top-right corner

2.          Select “Settings”

3.          Tap on the “Notifications” at the left

4.          You can adjust the notifications you are getting from there

If you are getting the notifications about an App, you can simply block the app on Facebook

Important: If you are having more than one Email account linked to your Facebook account, you have the access to choose one Email ID as your primary email address where your notifications about Facebook app can be stored.

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11th December, 2016